At Dr. Treyton Jai Diggs’ AllStar Animal Clinic every animal is a star. The décor at his animal clinic/hospital, located at 4701 South Carrollton Avenue, one block above Canal Street, is elegant, tasteful, and modern chic.

A native of Boutte, Dr. Diggs attended Xavier University and Nicholls State University before earning his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Tuskegee University.

“I’m a firm believer in the HBCU system,” he says. “At Tuskegee, I received the best education possible.

Diggs did an internship at a large animal clinic in Los Angeles and worked at a Metairie animal clinic before launching his own practice in 2013. Dr. C.T. Raby, 81, one of the oldest Black veterinarians still practicing, motivated Diggs to go out on his own and to excel. He told me the only way you’re going to be paid what you want is to work for yourself.”

Diggs specializes in surgery and reproductive medicine, cardiology and internal medicine at the AllStar Animal Clinic. Veterinarian skills aside, what is also impressive about this young entrepreneur is his high level of professionalism and social consciousness.

“We offer quality medicines at a low cost and what we do is to always offer discounts.” At a time when animal health and veterinarian treatments and visits cost as much as human health care, Diggs’ concerns about affordability is a breath of fresh air for animal lovers. He offers discounts to students, professionals and seniors.

AllStar Animal Clinic offers free initial visits and pet owners can get discounts off of procedures and treatments.

Dr. Diggs says another ingredient for success is loving what he does.

“I like working with animals and people. When you do what you love, you get the happiness associated with it. So many family members and friends do jobs for money, but they are not happy. The most important thing is to do what you love doing.”

Diggs’ social consciousness also includes helping others.

“As professional Blacks, we don’t give back to the community,” Diggs says. “I believe in the village.”

Currently, two Xavier students are shadowing him. He also mentors local students applying to Tuskegee.

The wisdom Diggs’ grandfather gave him is a huge part of his work ethic.

“He said all we have is our name. He wanted me to keep my good name and encouraged me to work hard. He also inherited his grandmother’s entrepreneural spirit.

“She sold pies,” he says.

The veterinarian’s insistence on hard work and excellent service at reasonable costs is paying off.

“I always aspire to do more,” he says. In two short years, Diggs’ practice went from zero clients to more than 2,000.

Diggs sees an estimated 54 new clients monthly. AllStar Animal Clinic has six employees. Diggs says word of mouth and referrals have helped him grow his business.

“People at other clinics have referred clients to me. It’s growing very fast, for a new start-up,” he says. “I try to remember clients names by heart and I try hard to provide a great bedside manner.”

AllStar Animal Clinic is located at 4701 South Carrollton Ave. The clinic is open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. until noon on Saturday. For more information call 483-2224, contact Dr. Diggs at drdiggs@allstaranimalclinic.com or visit www.allstarclinic.com.



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