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The Smart Practices of SmartPractice®

No investors. No venture capitalists. No “Fund Me” campaigns. It was “bootstrapping” with all the money taken from their savings account and money borrowed from the best man at their wedding. They started with little, but have built a massive entrepreneurial enterprise.


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Shawn Prez, Former Bad Boy Exec, Succeeding Solo

Shawn Prez isn’t your typical CEO. He also isn’t the average business owner.

Prez got his start working to help legendary rap mogul P. Diddy build Bad Boy Entertainment Group.

Prez is now the head of his own company, Power Moves Inc., a promotions-oriented enterprise whose clients include EA Sports, And 1, MGM Studios and others.


So, You Want to Start Your Own Business

Establishing a new business, requires careful planning. The number of details to be considered often amazes and sometimes discourages persons venturing into business for the first time. The following information has been compiled to assist prospective new business owners. The objective of this section is to provide a directory of sources of information, licenses, and permits, and to give an indication of the...

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